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candy camera 3 - lemon kids

Elephant Love - Its as big as it's trunk ! :)


This is fucking ridiculous. This guy was manhandled and then TASERED for asking a question. Fuck The Police. All of these police officers should be fired.

This is AMERICA. I'm tired of people's rights not being respected. FUCK YOU POLICE. This is goddamn AMERICA. FUCK YOU!

You do not have the right to do this to people. I'm tired of people in power thinking they are the power. No! The police are not the law, they are merely people who are supposed to be protecting people and upholding the law.

People need to wake the fuck up. This is NOT OK. All of the police involved with this should be fired. Immediately. Not only that, this guy should sue the fuck out of the police department.

This whole police state thing is going too far. Why do people think it's OK for the police to treat people like this? It's not OK. Not Even Close! This is supposed to be a free country.

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What $207 Million Looks Like!

Recently DEA agents raided a home of Meth dealers in suburban Mexico and discovered $207 million cash piled in a back bedroom. It was the largest seizure in history and is really amazing to see.

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Bebelusele Carcotasilor dirty dancing

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Kangaroo Fight

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Very ambitious kid!!! [Extreme PIC]

Kung Fu Woman

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Fashion Process

World is going to bareness. Maybe fashioner designers will design magnifying glasses instead of clothes after 2020.

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iPhone: Your never too young for one.

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She enjoys the pool more than we do :)

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Doua puncte / paranteza paranteza

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Zoso vs. Mircea Badea

Time To Learn How To Breakdance At 5Min

Sometimes its worth taking a second look at a startup a few months after we cover their initial launch to see how things are going. We first covered Israeli startup 5min back in May. The site is a sort of YouTube for short user generated instructional videos.

And there are some indications that it may be taking off. The company says 2 million videos were watched in August, and traffic is doubling month to month.

The video embedded above is a good example of the kind of content that you can find on the site - short, amateur videos that might actually be very helpful to various niches of people. There are videos on scores of subjects - dog training, cooking, working out, fashion (tying a tie, coloring you hair, etc.), playing instruments, parenting, etc. More good content is added daily.

And some of the videos are racking up decent view numbers, although it’s still peanuts compared to YouTube.

Part of the attraction of the service is more than the sign they’ve hung on the door saying people should upload instructional videos. The player also has special controls that are made for instructional videos, including freeze frame, slow motion, accompanying storyboards, and various language subtitles.

We’re keeping an eye on them to see if the growth rates and user adoption continues. In the meantime, I’ll be practicing those breakdancing moves.

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Comedia fotbalului

Un arbitru care se crede balerin, fotbalisti numai buni de dus la ospiciu si suporteri pe masura - iata fata amuzanta a unui sport aflat in plina era a industrializarii.

Laptop, Ipods and other gadgets free from World Wide Giveaway (CNN/BBC)

How can we give up free products ? Well it's a simple new system involving a three step process, which has featured on BBC and CNN.

The advertisers want people to try out their products or services, and they're willing to pay to promote ... it's simple, less expensive for them than tv advertising and much more effective !

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Gigi Becali il suna pe Borcea si face misto de el :))

Gigi Becali - Miau Miau ! ( Dinamo - Lazio )

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List of profanities in the Romanian language

List of profanities in the Romanian language

  • balcon( plural "balcoane"): a woman's breasts (literally "balconies")
  • bulan: roughly equivalent to "dumb luck" but it can also mean a woman's thigh the word "burlan"(meaning water drainage pipe) is also used
  • a bulăni: to touch or caress a woman's thighs (is considered offensive by some women unless they agree to it and can result in charges of sexual harassment)
  • bulangiu: Male homosexual, roughly the equivalent of "fag". Also used for a man who doesn't want to do something that the one who calls him as such thinks he should do(roughly equivalent to "dork", "dick", "hater").
  • coi, coaie: testicles from the latin cōleus, cōleī. The word "coaie" can also be used as a means of addressing someone especially a young man(never a girl or woman) in a manner roughly equivalent to using "dude" or "mate" in English speaking countries, for example "Salut, coaie, ce faci?" means "Hi, balls, how are you doing?". Most young people see nothing wrong in being addressed in this manner whilst older people might be offended.
  • mânca-mi-ai coaiele: literally "eat my balls"
  • buci: ass cheeks.
  • floci: pubic hairs.
  • pulă: dick, penis.
  • puţă: a softer version of 'pulă' usually meaning the penis of a child (that hasn't reached puberty yet) or a very small penis. Other words for this include 'cocoş' (literally 'cock'), 'cocoşel' (literally 'little cock') or 'puţulică' (little 'puţă').
  • puţoi: the possesor of a 'puţă'; it is used as an insult and is roughly equivalent to "punk" as in a boy that is not mature yet
  • pizdă: vagina, pussy (can also be 'păsărica' - literally, little bird). This can also mean anything that is 'cool', good or nice as in: "Masina asta noua e pizdă, frate." meaning "This new car is cool, bro" whereas "pulă" is sometimes used to describe "uncool" things as in: "Masina asta veche e pulă" meaning "This old car is uncool" although this is less common.
  • pizdar: a womanizer, someone who is obsessed with women, "chases skirts" (also "afemeiat", "fustangiu").
  • du-te în pizda mă-tii: "Go back to your mother's pussy"
  • du-te în pula mea: "Go inside my dick"
  • da-te în gatu' mă-tii: "Go inside your mother's throat"
  • du-te în ma-ta: "Go back inside your mother"
  • Te bag în origini (te întorc la origini): literally "I'll make you return to your origins" meaning the mother's womb
  • (la) naiba: roughly equivalent to "damn"
  • (la) dracu': the devil (from the latin "draco" meaning devil)
  • du-te la dracu': go to hell, literally "go to the devil" also "du-te dracului"
  • mama dracului: "mother of the devil" used the same as "shit" in English when something goes wrong, "căcat" the Romanian word for shit can also be used in the same way and "baga-mi-aş pula" too
  • dracu' să te ia: "the devil should take you"
  • să fii al dracului: "you should belong to the devil"
  • al dracului să fiu: roughly equivalent to "I'll be damned"
  • sloboz: roughly equivalent to "cum" (sperm)
  • lindic: clitoris ('clitoris' is also used in regular language), coming from the latin landīca
  • căcat: shit
  • tărzănel (plural tărzănei): small accumulations of dried fecal matter attached to the hairs in a person's rectum
  • mănânci căcat: literally "you eat shit" roughly equivalent to "talk shit" in English
  • căcare: shit as in "to take a shit" from the latin word "cacāre" meaning to defecate
  • mă cac pe tine: I shit on you
  • laba: masturbation (literally "paw")
  • lăbar, labagiu: a person that masturbates himself ("jerk-off")
  • cur: ass
  • popou: ass
  • găoaza: asshole (literally "hole")
  • ochiul maro: ass hole (literally "the brown eye")
  • poponar, găozar: ass-fucker, faggot
  • a o pune: to have sexual intercourse (literally "to put it")
  • a şi-o trage: to have sexual intercourse (literally "to pull it")
  • a da în geanta: to have sexual intercourse (literally "to hit the purse")
  • a baga mielu' la căldură: to have sexual intercourse (literally "to take the lamb somewhere warm")
  • a o lua in mana: to masturbate(literally "to grab it with the hand")
  • a face degetica: to masturbate(only used if a woman does it)
  • a (se) fute: to have sexual intercourse(from the latin "futuere"). The word can be used in a number of ways for example if one asks if a young female "se fute" this means he actually inquires if she has had sex before or if she is open to the idea.
  • nu ma fute, nu te fute cu mine: don't fuck with me
  • te fut in gura: I fuck your mouth(also "futu-te-n gura" and "ti-o dau sus")
  • te fut in cur: I fuck your ass
  • esti futut in cur: you are "high and mighty"(literally "you are fucked in your ass"
  • futai, futere: sexual intercourse
  • sugi pula: probably the most used Romanian profanity, it literally means "suck cock"; direct translation: "blow me"
  • ia pula: an alternative to "sugi pula", it literally means "take dick"
  • muie: blowjob, oral sex("muie" comes from "muian" which is an old Romanian word for "face" still used in some rural areas although "fata" is now used the most
  • iti dau la muie: another way of saying "I fuck your mouth"
  • Ia la muie!: "Get fucked in the mouth!"
  • a arata muie: showing the middle finger pointing upwards roughly equivalent to "flipping the bird" in English
  • Manca-mi-ai pula!: "Eat my dick!"
  • Manca-mi-ai pizda!: "Eat my pussy!"
  • Manca-mi-ai chilotii!: "Eat my shorts!"
  • Manca-mi-ai curu'!: "Eat my ass!"
  • Manca-mi-ai cacatu'!: "Eat my shit!"
  • Manca-mi-ai strinfii!: "Eat my socks!"
  • Imi bag pula in ma-ta!: "I stick my dick inside your mother!"
  • Imi bag pula in tine!: "I stick my dick inside you!"
  • Baga-mi-as pula in tine!: "I should stick my dick inside you!"
  • Baga-mi-as pula in ma-ta!: "I should stick my dick inside your mother!"
  • caca: children's word for shit
  • pipi: children's word for piss
  • pisat: piss
  • Ti-o dau la caca!: "I fuck your ass!"
  • A da nămolul la deal!: literally meaning "to push the mud uphill" means "to fuck in the ass"
  • Ma pis pe tine(pe voi)!: "I piss on you!"
  • curva: prostitute also 'tarfa', 'traseista', 'muista'(mostly used to denote prostitutes that agree to have oral sex as well), 'bagaboanta',T.C.M
  • a face trotoarul: literally meaning 'doing the sidewalk' means prostituting one's self(because prostitutes often stand on sidewalks while attempting to attract potential customers. A similar expression is 'a vinde pizda' which literally means "selling pussy". In regular language "a se prostitua", "to prostitute one's self" is used.
  • a codosi: to pimp someone
  • peste: pimp(literally fish)
  • Esti becali?: Are you stupid?
  • Sa ma sugi: "Suck me"
  • trageti-as la beregata: I fuck your throat(also "futu-te-n gat")
  • a fura crenvursti cu curu: To steal wurstel with your ass.
  • sa-ti dau sub coada: I'll give it to you under your tail.
  • sugi pula cu curu: Suck my dick with your ass.
  • sa ma cac la usa ma-ti: I'll take a shit at your mother's door.
  • sa ma cac pe pula ta: I'll shit on your dick.
  • cur murdar: Dirty ass.
  • cacat cu ochi: Shit with eyes.
  • cacanar imputit: Stinky shitter.
  • nenorocitule: Motherfucker.
  • SMS: "Suck me!" (a.k.a. "sa ma sugi")
  • PLM: "My dick!" (a.k.a. "pula mea")
  • STF: "Fuck you!" (a.k.a. "sa te fut")
  • MMS: "your mother blow me!" ( a.k.a. "mă-ta mă suge")
  • IP : "Take dick!" (a.k.a. "IA PULA")

List of profanities in the Romanian language that some might consider blasphemies

  • futu-ti soarele ma-tii: literally "fuck your mother's sun". It isn't usually considered a blasphemy as the sun is no longer worshiped in mainstream Romanian religion but in a distant past it might have been.
  • futu-ti mortii ma-tii: literally "fuck your mother's dead relatives" it is a very common profanity in Romania although some people may consider it a blasphemy as it means disrespect for the dead.
  • futu-ti mortii tai: literally "fuck your dead relatives" it is a common profanity in Romania although some people may consider it a blasphemy as it means disrespect for the dead. Can also be stated as "luati-as mortii in pula" meaning "I should take all your dead relatives in my dick"
  • PULA MEA! : litterally "my cock". Three out of four words contains this profanity

muie = suck my dick

  • Taraime-ash pulile prin colibele lui mata : I would drag my dick trough your mother's dwellings
  • Cacam-as in pizda matii cu bucati de pula : I would shit in your mother's pussy with pieces of dick
  • Du-te in pizda ma-tii, cu curu inainte, sa-ti dau si o muie cand o fut pe ma-ta: Go in your

mother's pussy, ass forward, so you can blow me while I fuck her

  • Sa-ti sparg rozeta : literally: "To brake your rose" meaning "To fuck you in the ass"
  • Sa te fut in inima : Fuck you in your heart
  • Sa ne bata vantu-n coaie: To blow the wind into your balls
  • La pizdoiu cat galeata : To the pussy big as a bucket
  • Ma suii pe curu` Lelii : I climbed Leli's ass
  • Pula mea de alta data : My dick from times
  • Sa ma fut pe ochii matii :Fuck your mama's eyes

O floricica frumoasa :) lol

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Cristina Rus surprinsă facând sex oral? Sau nu?

Ziarul Contra Atac publica in ediţia de azi o fotografie dintr-o partidă de sex oral. Deşi ziarul sugerează că femeia ar fi Cristina Rus, asemănarea nu este chiar evidentă. Poza aici