miercuri, septembrie 19, 2007


This is fucking ridiculous. This guy was manhandled and then TASERED for asking a question. Fuck The Police. All of these police officers should be fired.

This is AMERICA. I'm tired of people's rights not being respected. FUCK YOU POLICE. This is goddamn AMERICA. FUCK YOU!

You do not have the right to do this to people. I'm tired of people in power thinking they are the power. No! The police are not the law, they are merely people who are supposed to be protecting people and upholding the law.

People need to wake the fuck up. This is NOT OK. All of the police involved with this should be fired. Immediately. Not only that, this guy should sue the fuck out of the police department.

This whole police state thing is going too far. Why do people think it's OK for the police to treat people like this? It's not OK. Not Even Close! This is supposed to be a free country.

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Anonim said...

as you said.
this is america:)

Biting Hobo said...

They asked him to leave because he was making a disruption at a really high-level event.

He resisted.

The police became more insistent.

Still, he resisted.

So they were going to arrest him.

He resisted, thereby putting him in the wrong, legally.

They tazered him, because he was resisting violently. It was justified.

The whole thing was justified, and the case would most likely be thrown out in court.


I know you're scared of the government, and the world, and all that. I don't blame you. But it'll help your cause if you calm down and think rationally about all this. Nobody with any power or leverage is going to listen to "FUCK THE POLICE." You just sound like a punk, to them.

To me, I strongly advise you to take a different approach, check your facts, and know the law. You'll find that the only thing different about this event was that it was recorded.

That's it.

Anonim said...

what a fucking joke...5 cops and an unarmed man...it was not justified.

Anonim said...

I for one am sick of dumbasses who don't know their rights. You have the right to free speech, but not whenever and wherever you want. Once he was asked to leave, and he refused, he was in the wrong.

Also, the police did not go up and just taser the guy. They tried to escort him out and he resisted. They tried again and he resisted. Once he began struggling, the police have a duty to put him in cuffs to protect themselves and the people around him. When he resisted, they used the taser to get him to comply.

This is also important, the taser is never excessive force. It, like pepper spray, are used when there is a possible threat of violence so that the person can be subdued before they get violent. Without it, the police would have had to hit the guy to get the cuffs on. A taser may hurt, but is better than getting something broken with a nightstick.

Cronus said...

I cant believe what Im hearing! No it was not at all justified! First of all the people of America have A god damn right to ask a question to a candidate that ran for presidency!Anyone who thinks there good enough to run our country should be able to answer the people's questions. I am god damn enraged! This unacceptable they did not even give a reason for taking him down. Cops are always 5 vs 1 I would like to see a fair match. No shit their so cocky. Good post man stand up for your god damn right! Were all allowed to talk and too probe. ITs just because what he was saying was too controversial. Everyone knows its the truth! Im glad millions of people will see this. Im fucking disgraced is this what America has come down too? Tasering students who dare ask questions! Thats what we teach students! Anyways i can rant about this forever. GOOD FUCKING POST MAN! IM with u 1000%

Anonim said...

As I've read from witness accounts on other blogs, John Kerry's statement and from a Kerry representative, the guy caused a big commotion before he even asked a question, pushing his way through the entire line. The cops were ready to escort him out before he even asked the question (and in the video, you can see two or three cops already there before he asks it. And this is when the cameras in the crowd came out). Kerry seemed to try and diffuse it by letting the guy ask the question, and apparently the cops simply waited for the question to be over before they escorted him out. Notice in the videos, when the police initially try to escort him out, the audience cheers. He'd already caused a bunch of shit and the audience even wanted him out.

The guy was an absolute paranoid moron. In one vid he was convinced the cops would kill him. From what I've heard, there was plenty of cause for a disorderly conduct charge, and his resistance was cause for police action. And from what it looks like, the police went by the book. Had he not resisted, he wouldn't have been tazed, bro.

I support free speech, I don't support use of tazers, and I even thought the questions he asked were legit. But sometimes I wonder if the proliferation of conspiracy shit and propaganda about how America is becoming a fascist police state (as legitimate as those questions are) is just making people too paranoid for their own good. We need to assert our rights with a level head about it.

This guy, unfortunately, did not. And it's too bad the 'tazed for asking a question' meme is the one being spread.

Anonim said...

So, why don't you actually do something?
Writing blog is easy, action is hard.

And I did not see a single person in that room to have any objection about police action.
There goes your liberty, down the drain. Good luck and enjoy the ride.